Rules & Regulations

  • All athletes will respect every opponent on equal terms in the spirt of friendly rivalry and show good sportsmanship at all times.
  • All athletes will observe the rules of competition honestly and be respectful of individual values, morals and ethics.
  • Should an athlete not place where anticipated, they will still accept the decisions of the judges, officials and administrators in the spirt of good sportsmanship. The athlete realizes that these decisions are made honestly, fairly and objectively.
  • NIFF Canada will always strive to improve and should an athlete have any issue with any event they will contact a NIFF Canada official to discuss any concerns.
  • The athlete will also grant NIFF Canada and its associates, sponsors, directors or affiliates permission to use photos, videos to promote any future contests, videos, magazines or any other media involved with future and present contests for the purpose of promotion and/or sales of these media, without any compensation.
  • All athletes agree to undergo all testing procedures and any other reasonable re-tests to ensure that the standards of drug free competing are met.
  • All athletes understand that if they refuse any or part of the testing procedures, this will be considered an automatic failure and they will not be permitted to compete, forfeiting any registration payments made.
  • The athlete will agree to the outcome of the tests results and understand that failure of any type of test will result in an immediate disqualification from any future NIFF Canada events without any financial consideration or reimbursement.
  • All awards given out, including cash, prizes, and trophies will be forfeited should an athlete fail a drug test.
  • Upon notification by NIFF Canada that the athlete has failed a drug test, the athlete will return all winnings and monies immediately to NIFF Canada or face legal action.