Myth: Strength Training Makes Women Bulky

Myth: Strength Training Makes Women BulkyThis is the number one weight training myth that just will not die. Most women are afraid to lift heavy weights because they don’t want to walk around looking like bodybuilders.

The truth is, there ARE female bodybuilders who have massive muscles that are a result of strength training. They are also known to take steroids and other supplements to force their bodies to pack on pounds of muscle.

When a woman lifts heavy weights, she does indeed gain muscle mass. However, because muscle takes up much less space than fat, she will actually appear smaller and leaner the more muscle she has. Muscle also burns more calories when the body is at rest than fat does. So, by adding more muscle to your frame, you are turning your body into a 24 hour fat-burning machine. Many of you know Maria Melo, Rosa Lanzellotti and Lucy Todish who have dropped immense amounts of body-weight… and continue to do so (The most at Bodies 2 Envy to date) Yet train extremely heavy! The average age of these ladies is 50 plus

Men produce a sex hormone called testosterone, which is responsible for their ability to pack on pounds of muscle. Women also produce testosterone, but in a much smaller amount. Therefore, women can tone and firm their muscles, but they will not naturally increase in size enough to make you look bulky.

Here are several other benefits for those women who do train heavy.

– Reduce your risk of osteoporosis: Studies have shown that by incorporating weight lifting into your exercise routine, you can increase bone mineral density by roughly 13% in only 6 months. This may not seem like much, but it goes a long way in protecting yourself against the debilitating effects of osteoporosis.

– Reduce your risk of heart disease: Strength training can lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure, both of which work to protect you against heart disease. If you add in 30 minutes of cardio per day, you create a powerful combination that keeps the heart strong and healthy.

– Reduce the risk of diabetes: Strength training can improve the way the body processes sugar. By lifting weights on a consistent basis, you can improve your body’s glucose utilization by up to 23% in only 4 months…….Dropping immanence amounts of body-weight. Throw in some BCAA daily and watch the fat burn!

– Fight Depression: A 10-week study conducted at Harvard University found that women who had been diagnosed with clinical depression benefited more from lifting weights than going to therapy. Many women reported feeling more confident as their strength levels improved, which is important in the battle against depression.